Bid (Pre-Qualification) Announcement

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The tender Ningbo Daiwei Medical Device Co., Limited new factory, by the Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission (NDRC Project No. [2010]100, Ningbo by Document No. [2010]101) and Xiangshan County Planning Bureau (No. SYD2011030007) approved the construction project owner for the Ningbo Saiwei Medical Device Co., Limited. Construction funds by the owners to raise funds through the listing, the audit, the project has been with the tender conditions, by the owners of the project construction on its own open tender.

1 project overview and scope of bidding

1.1. construction site: Shipu science and Technology Park in Xiangshan Economic Development Zone (formerly Pu Chang's salt).

1.2. construction scale: the new plant covers an area of 38464M2; the total construction area of 51413.1M2. Among them: plant 39840.5M2; guard 72M2; research and development workshop on the ground part of the 9603.3M2, the underground part of the 1897.3 M2.

1.3. project duration: 560 calendar days (including legal holidays).

1.4. bidding scope: Civil Engineering, steel structure production and installation works, building electrical engineering, indoor and outdoor building water supply and drainage works, etc.. Not including outdoor municipal roads, lighting, pipeline layout, greening and sporadic ancillary works.

2 bidding mode

2.1 project to take the preliminary examination, the invitation to bid (application) of ginseng and the way of tender.

2.2 this project adopts the "tentative list of cost of tender" offer, the bidder does not need to prepare the tender budget, by the tenderer to provide "tentative cost list", the bidder after the bid quoted price.

2.3 the project adopts the comprehensive evaluation method. Tender documents to meet the substantive requirements of the tender documents by the tender, in accordance with the provisions of the tender documents scoring criteria for scoring, according to the order of high and low order to the tender recommended candidates.

3 bidder qualification requirements

3.1 of the bid tenderer will (application) of prequalification, merit an invitation not less than 11 bids (application) plus ginseng project bidding.

3.2 minimum qualification requirements for tender:

(1) the bidder shall have the construction of housing construction general contracting Erji qualification and above, with the construction of the corresponding ability in personnel, equipment, funds etc..

(2) the selected project manager should be the enterprise formal contract workers, and have registered with the enterprise construction qualification.

3.3 the qualifications of bidders are detailed in the bid invitation documents.

4 acquisition of pre qualification documents

4.1 bidders who wish to participate, please 01 2013 to 14 August to 01 2013 16 October morning daily 8:30 to 11:00, 1:00 pm to 4:00 units held a letter of introduction to the Xiangshan County Economic Development Zone Binhai Industrial Park Jin Xing Lu No. 35 Ningbo David medical devices Limited by Share Ltd Construction Office (door guard beside) query the bidding qualification information. Get the "prequalification documents" (no charge), to determine whether to participate in the project bidding according to their own conditions.

5 media release

The tender notice in the "Xiangshan Today".

6 contact way

Tender: Ningbo Daiwei Medical Device Co., Limited address: Xiangshan County Economic Development Zone Binhai Industrial Park Road No. 35 gold

Contact: Pan Renming  

Tel: 13586898648

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