The Seventy-First China International Medical Equipment Fair Booth Bid Notice

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1, Booth No.: H1-D10, an area of 162 square meters, 18 meters wide, 9 meters deep, 6 metres high, 2 open. (see booth plan)
2, the requirements of exquisite workmanship, appearance style, simple, bright, highlight the characteristics of infant health care products --- full of love, warmth.
3, double structure: the bottom of the product display area, wood floor (composite), open area, there are about 20 large equipment, each 1.5---2.0 meters high and covers an area of about 1 square meters, each equipment need to power 220V, 600WA power; a key product display area, highlight, eye, an area of about 6 square meters; the other to do a cupboard, 2 meters long, 1.2 meters high, 0.6 meters wide, the cabinet table can be small products, which can store items. Two floor for the negotiation area, sub international and domestic negotiations, the two areas of space is relatively independent, distinct signs, each of the 4 negotiating table to discuss the table, each table with 4 chairs. Two floor shop floor carpet, requires a bar.
4, drinking fountains and bottled water, some plants and flowers, during the exhibition booth is responsible for the health and ensure the safe use of electricity.
5, the main color to blue, white, yellow, the requirements of bright lights, the company name, trademark significantly.
6, the deadline for submission of bids: 17 in February 28, 2014.
7, the bidder is the best for the Organizing Committee designated.
8, contact: Zhou Wenqian Tel: 0574-87801006