The Seventy-second China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Exhibition Booth Design and Construction Bid Notice

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1, booth No.: HN6-B08 area: 180 square meters, 15 meters wide, 12 meters deep, 2 open, stand 6 metres high. (see booth plan)

2, requirements: exquisite workmanship, appearance style, fashion, atmosphere, simple and bright, sight. The main colors are blue, white and yellow, the company name and trademark are prominent.

3, double-layer structure, the bottom for the product display area, wood (composite) floor, the area of open. Display of about 25 units, each prototype covers an area of about 1 square meters, 1.8 meters high; each prototype to be energized, each prototype voltage 220V, power 600WA; to a length of about 2.5 meters, about 1.2 meters high, 0.8 meters wide cabinet, the cabinet table can be placed inside a small product. Storage of goods; another is a major product display area, an area of about 9 square meters, the area of conspicuous and prominent. Two floor for the business district, sub national and international negotiations, the requirements of the two regions are distinguished signs, the space is relatively independent; two floor requirements of the carpet, and a reception desk.

4, equipped with a water dispenser and supply of bottled water, and some plants provide flowers during the exhibition booth, and is responsible for the health and ensure the safe use of electricity.

5, deadline for 17 o'clock on August 29, 2014, the bidding scheme and quotation sent to Mr. Zhou, Tel: 0574-87801006, the best for the business group designated contractor.

6, the tender to the bidders to participate in the voluntary principle, the bidding activity final interpretation of the right for me.