Vice Governor Visited and Investigated

Author: Release time:2016-09-13 Browse4629Second

In the morning of August 7, 2014, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, Mao Guanglie, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Meng Gang, Zhang Jinru, director of the provincial Commission by letter, the provincial science and Technology Department inspector Qiu Feizhang visited our company to investigate. Deputy mayor of Ningbo Zhang Minghua, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government Chen Bingrong, county leaders Li Guanding, Ye Jianming, Yuan Jixin, Qiu Jinyue, accompanied by research.

Accompanied by David medical secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman Chen Yunqin and other leaders, vice governor Mao Guanglie first visited the company, electronic testing production workshop and product display area, the company in the research of new products "combo" warm box, T combination resuscitator and new products such as the oxygen mixer gave high praise.

Subsequently, vice governor Mao Guanglie and his party came to the company meeting room, with the company's party secretary Chen Yunqin and some of the executives of the company, the company's operating conditions, technology research and development, etc..

Vice governor Mao Guanglie of Chen Yunqin's "safe and effective, leading innovation, quality and quantity" of the quality policy affirmed, spoke highly of David "to become the world's largest baby nursery equipment base" business objectives.

Finally, vice governor Mao Guanglie David hopes to see the achievements on the basis, to further enhance the work of thinking, pay attention to the development of innovation, make persistent efforts, the enterprise bigger and stronger, and make greater contribution to the local economy and promote the development of the industry.