The Seventy-Sixth China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Fair

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Booth design and construction tender notice

1, booth number: H1-E11, area: 180 square meters, 12 meters x 15 meters, surrounded by openings, stand 6 meters high. (see Annex)

2, design style requires simple, atmosphere, and can reflect the "David medical" unique brand temperament. Requirements of exquisite workmanship, simple and bright, clear vision, the need to consider the direction of the flow and to facilitate the prototype display layout.

3, double-layer structure, the bottom for the product display area, the two floor for the negotiation area. Four the product display area: a baby nursery equipment, sample of about 12 units, each with an area of about 1 square meters, 1.8 meters high, each prototype should be connected to the AC power supply, this is the key to the product display area conspicuous and prominent, novel; a neonatal resuscitation equipment, to the booth an area of about 4 square meters; one for the treatment of neonatal jaundice need equipment, exhibition area of 6 square meters; the last one is the stapler need display area, booth area of about 6 square meters.

4, the facilities and services: sofa and table not less than 8 sets, water dispenser, drinking water, plants, flowers, some two buildings, a discussion area for the bar, and is responsible for the extension of the booth health and ensure safe use of electricity.

5, deadline: September 14, 2016 17, design and price (including the construction of all expenses) to: Zhou Wenqian (received), Tel: 0574-87801006, the best for the business group designated contractor.

6, the tender to the voluntary participation of bidders as a principle, I do not bear any costs, the final interpretation of the right for me.