The Sixty-Fifth China International Medical Fair (Shenzhen) Exhibition Booth Construction Project Tender

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1, booth number H1-D03 booth area: 12m * =144 12m square meters, three openings;

2, requirements:

General requirements: exquisite workmanship, appearance and style, from different angles can see the company's image. Sense of love to have a warm feeling, and the company's "love is infinite care of life," the slogan of the first.

Double layer structure, the bottom of the sample display area, wood (composite) floor, the area of open. There are about 20 sets of samples show that each sample covers an area of about 0.6 square meters, high 1.5m-2.0m; which has an area of 4 square meters for the key product display area, but also has a height of about 1.2m, width 0.6m, length of 3M product of small booth, the platform can do the following cabinets, storage of goods, the underlying. Main / auxiliary reception desk, requires a storage room, about 4 square meters, can sit on the stairs. The two layer is the discussion area; requirements of carpet, the domestic and international two talks, different marks, two meetings relatively separate; domestic discussion area with convenient bar, tea, coffee and other store briefcase. Each negotiation area requires a large enough, to be put 3-4 glass table, with 4 seats per table.

3. Drinking water machine and bottled water, fax machine, responsible for installation; 12 power socket (each prototype be energized); the size of 20 pots of flowers.

4. The main color in blue, with yellow or red, requires sufficient lighting, a trademark. Company name in english. Highlight the company's image advertising slogan "Love Unlimited, care for the life of the first".

3, the deadline for submission of bids before the 17:00 point in January 28, 2011;

4, the bidder is the best for the Organizing Committee designated.

Contact: Zhou Wenqian

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