Effect of Yypothermia on Warm-Box in Premature Infants

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Infant incubator (incubator) for preterm children, low birth weight children, neonatal scleredema and children with serious illness and treatment of significant effect, has been widely used in hospitals at all levels. Our department of February 1999 to February 2002 in the winter of 3 years were treated in 132 cases of similar preterm children, in different room temperature environment for incubation, the effect of the control were observed. The report is as follows.

1, clinical data

1.1 General Information

All the experimental children were subjected to strict screening, no deformity, no hard swelling and other diseases. (Control group) and room temperature group (experimental group) according to the randomization principle. Air conditioning a total of 68 cases, 35 males and 33 females; birth gestational age 203-257d. Average 231.4 ± 12.2d; body weight 1320-2710g ,, average 2243 ± 87g; admission time 1 / 2-90h, an average of 6.6 ± 2.2h. The average age of the patients in the room temperature group was 24 ± 1 .2g. The average time of admission was 1 / 3-78h, with an average of 6.4 ± 2.3. The mean age was 231 ± 12.6 days. Lt; / RTI & gt; There was no significant difference between the two groups in statistics (P> 0.05).

1.2 Methods

1.2.1 Instruments

Ningbo YP-90 (A) baby incubator was used in both groups.

1.2.2 Methods

Room temperature control group in the air temperature between 24 ℃ -26 ℃, room temperature control room temperature between 10 ℃ -17 ℃. Two groups of naked children were placed in the warm box, according to Table 1 for culture, incubator humidity control between 55% -65% between the two groups to support treatment and other complications when the same treatment. Out of the box standard: where the weight of up to about 2000g or more, generally good .3 h feeding with a bottle, sucking well, weight can continue to rise out of the incubator. The incidence of hard swelling and incubation days in the two groups were statistically analyzed.

1.3 Results

Table1 Moderate temperature of premature infants with different birth weights

birth weights (kg)







first 10 days

10 days later→

3 weeks later→

5 weeks


first 10 days→

10 days later

4 weeks

first 2 days

2 days later→ 3 weeks

first 2 days

2 days later

Table2 The incidence of scleredema in both premature infants was compared with the number of days (x ± s)

Project Air conditioning group Room temperature group Testing method p

Incidence of hard swelling 5(7.35)
x2 =4.70 <0.05
culture days 15.4±2.1
16.9±2.6 t=3.66 <0.01


Air conditioning group, 5 cases of hard swelling occurred, were mild, and soon improved, the average number of days of culture 15.4 ± 2.1d. There was significant difference between the two groups (χ2 = 4.70, P <0.05), and there were 2 deaths, the mean number of days of culture was 16.9 ± 2.6 days, which was significantly different from that of the air conditioning group (t = 3.66, P <0.01). See Table 2.

Table 1 different birth weight premature children moderate temperature

2, discussion

Preterm birth difficult and unstable body temperature regulation, susceptible to changes in ambient temperature, and because the body surface area is relatively large, rich in skin blood vessels, easy to heat. If the ambient temperature is too low, too much heat, body temperature decreased, subcutaneous fat solidification hardened. At the same time low-temperature telangiectasia, increased permeability, resulting in hard swelling. Although the temperature and humidity in the two groups were no significant difference, but due to medical and nursing operations, at room temperature and the surrounding air flow often interfere with the temperature stability of the warm box [1], so that the box temperature inevitably decline in a short time. According to the domestic Liu [2] reported that the incubator temperature should be avoided a sudden increase or decrease, this situation can be induced by apnea in small premature children, resulting in adverse reactions. So should be installed in the room with warmer room to maintain the right to install air-conditioning room. Place the warmer inside the child does not emphasize must be naked, in order to reduce the evaporation heat, in order to maintain environmental stability [1], thereby enhancing the incubator culture effect.


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Note: The article is taken from "China's primary medicine" 2003 Volume 10 8