Attentive Problems in the Use of Preterm Warm-box

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Premature infants because of its short development period, its physiological regulation and adaptability are immature, weight less than 2500g, length less than 45cm, prone to asphyxia, hemolysis, low temperature, infection and other diseases, and high mortality, premature children should be particularly strengthened care, such as insulation, feeding, sanitation, disinfection and isolation. Warmer is the premature child warmth, treatment, rescue important place, especially in very low birth weight premature children, body temperature center function is imperfect, subcutaneous fat thin, easy to heat, to improve the quality of life and survival rate of preterm children, The process should pay attention to the following questions:

1, the incubator placed

Warmth warmth is used in radiation, convection, conduction and other cooling methods, including radiation and convection is the main cooling mode. The temperature of the incubator is affected by the indoor temperature. Therefore, the incubator should be kept away from the air convection to reduce the influence of the indoor temperature on the temperature of the incubator.

2, adjust the best box temperature

Preterm children from the mother, the body changes in the environment, its physiological adjustment and adaptability is poor, so preterm children into the incubator, you should first adjust the warm box preset temperature, the general warming box preset temperature of 30-35 ℃ , And then according to preterm birth weight and body temperature and then choose the best box temperature. Optimal temperature: refers to the temperature in the premature infants to maintain normal metabolism and normal body temperature, and more than the best temperature ± 2 ℃ that will affect the metabolism of premature children and body temperature, the general age 0-1 days premature children with low body weight In 1200g, preset box temperature 35 ℃, premature children into, and then adjusted to 34-35.5 ℃; weight 1200-1500g who, preset box temperature 34 ℃, preterm infants and then adjusted to 33.5- 34.5 ℃; weight 1500-2500g who, preset box temperature 33.5 ℃, premature children into, and then adjusted to between 32-34 ℃. The younger the age, the higher the optimal temperature required, with age and weight increase, the temperature is gradually reduced. Therefore, preterm infants placed in the warm box should adjust the optimal box temperature according to the age of body weight. When adjusting the box temperature, pay attention to the influence of room temperature on the stability of the warm box.

3, adjust the humidity

Humidity is too high, the body moisture dissipation slow, children with discomfort, shortness of breath; humidity is too low, the air is dry, the body moisture distribution fast, a lot of heat, leading to respiratory mucosa dry, easily cause respiratory disease, it is warm Relative humidity should be maintained at 55% -65%.

4, premature children with abnormal temperature regulation box temperature

According to the weight of premature infants, cardiopulmonary function and disease, temperature monitoring times 1/4 hours. Body temperature over 38 ℃, can be loose coating, or lower box temperature, regulating box temperature should be based on body temperature each time to reduce the temperature of 0.5-1.0 ℃ box, and observe at any time to avoid a sudden increase or decrease in box temperature induced premature children complicated disease.

5, sterilization of the incubator

Warmer humidification device, while the heat and humidity conducive to bacterial growth, so the next day application 1: 500 84 disinfectant wipe the inside and outside the box wall, when the children replace the incubator disinfection. Children out of the box should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, so as to avoid cross-infection when used again.

Warmer is the premature child warmth, treatment, rescue an important place in the use of children in the incubator process, such as high temperature or low temperature alarm, nurse applications to deal with, so as to avoid adverse consequences, to help nurses with skilled operating skills , A wealth of professional knowledge and emergency response capability, calm and mental qualities, in order to work.