Which Conditions Easily Lead to Premature Birth?

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Preterm birth is the birth of a baby by the end of 37.

The growth of premature infants in many aspects are not mature and perfect, so even in the most suitable environment and survive in childbirth, careful nursing, can be associated with severe disease, quality of life is not optimistic, which is a great challenge to clinicians and families.

Which is prone to premature birth? We analyzed the risk factors of premature birth in 311 cases, and considered that the main causes of premature birth were the most closely related to the following factors.

1 preterm birth and age: women under the age of 20 or more than 35 years of age were significantly higher, especially those who are less than 20 years old, the incidence of premature birth is 11 times that of 20~34 years old group.

2 the relationship between the history of premature labor and abortion: the history of abortion, especially the history of late abortion, recurrent abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion after less than one year and once again pregnant, the greatest impact on pregnant women. Because the abortion to the cervix of the uterus have different degree of damage, leading to cervical incompetence, so that the rate of preterm birth increased.

The relationship between the 3 position and preterm birth: the incidence of preterm breech presentation was 20.4%, is 7 times the total rate of maternal premature.

The relationship between preterm birth and disease: 4 of pregnancy complicated with acute infectious diseases and some internal and surgical diseases, such as measles, influenza, acute infectious hepatitis, acute pyelonephritis, acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis, pregnancy induced hypertension, heart disease, easily lead to premature delivery. Endocrine disorders, progesterone or estrogen deficiency in pregnant women, severe hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc., can cause premature birth. Severe anemia in pregnant women, due to hypoxia, the uterus, placental oxygen deficiency, but also can occur premature. Maternal malnutrition, especially protein deficiency and vitamin E, folic acid deficiency, is also one of the causes of premature birth.

5 the relationship between premature and the living environment: physical labor, long working hours, too tired to make the rate of preterm birth increased significantly. Emotional fluctuation or mental strain, can make the cerebral cortex function disorder, increased catecholamine secretion, sympathetic nerve activation and vasoconstriction, easily lead to premature delivery. Frequent sexual life in late pregnancy, easy to cause premature rupture of membranes, is a common cause of premature birth. Pregnant women smoking and excessive drinking, but also closely related to the occurrence of premature birth.